Andrea Bruzzese

Andrea Bruzzese is a portrait andstreet photographer who has had a passion for photography from a young age.  While attending St. John’s University in NewYork she took a black and white film developing class and immediately loved theprocess of capturing a fleeting moment and then seeing it develop in a darkroomright before her eyes bringing the memory of that moment back to life.  It is in those moments, capturing an emotionor the ever changing city landscape, where her passion lies.  Travelling and music are also high on herlist of interests and wherever possible she tries to incorporate those elementsinto her photography as well.  Born inMontevideo, Uruguay and raised in New York City she has a deep love for thecity which is evident in her photos.  Hergoal is to someday publish a photography book of New York City incorporatingthe architecture, people and energy of this city from her unique perspective.